My Lethal Man: A Twist on the Doppelganger Myth in Contemporary Chinese Drama

The theme of doppelgangers has fascinated audiences for ages, and in “My Lethal Man,” a Chinese drama aired on iQiyi, it takes center stage. With elements of mystery, romance, and even a touch of comedy, the series explores complex themes through a tale of identity, revenge, and uncovering the past.

Plot Synopsis:

The story begins with Shen Manning’s accidental encounter with Zhuang Xin Yan, her near-identical lookalike. The meeting triggers a series of unfortunate events, leading to Shen Manning’s kidnapping and a near-fatal accident.

As she gets entangled in a complex web with Yan Xingcheng, a mysterious man who presents himself as Zhuang Xin Yan’s fiancé, Shen Manning is coerced into impersonating her lookalike. Together, they enter the world of LH Star, unraveling mysteries and seeking justice for a 17-year-old accident.

A Deeper Look:

This drama weaves together several intriguing elements, from corporate politics to international intrigue. With Zhuang Xin Yan as the heir to a wealthy family, the stakes are high, and Shen Manning’s impersonation is a crucial step to uncover hidden truths. Yan Xingcheng, the real grandson of the Zhuang family, is using Shen Manning as a stepping stone before revealing his true identity, which adds another layer of complexity to the narrative.

The story also delves into the myth of the doppelganger or “Mawar Kembar,” a legend that meeting one’s double could be a harbinger of death or a significant life event. This myth is beautifully woven into the story, and it provides a philosophical backdrop for the unfolding drama.

Cast and Crew:

The series is skillfully directed by Chu De Jian and penned by screenwriter Cheng Fang Yuan. The cast includes notable names such as Li Mo Zhi, Fan Zhi Xin, and Li Yi Zhen. Together, they bring to life a script filled with suspense, emotion, and unexpected turns.

Review and Conclusion:

“My Lethal Man” is a roller coaster of emotions and surprises. While initially confusing, it unveils itself as an engaging contemporary drama, quite distinct from other similar genres. The inclusion of Fan Zhi Xin adds a charm, thanks to his undeniable good looks!

The series explores profound themes and surprises the viewer with unexpected turns in the plot. From corporate power struggles to international intrigue, from identity deception to a revealing climax, it keeps the viewer hooked.

However, there are cliché moments, such as the decline in the company’s stocks and the attempted matchmaking for business reasons. These moments can make viewers feel frustrated but are soon overshadowed by the unpredictable twists.

Overall, “My Lethal Man” is a captivating drama that skillfully combines mystery, romance, and drama, offering viewers a satisfying and thrilling experience. With 24 episodes, each lasting 45 minutes, it is a series that will appeal to those interested in contemporary Chinese drama and the timeless appeal of the doppelganger theme.


  • Original Title: 对我而言危险的他
  • Also Known As: A Dangerous Man, He Who Is Dangerous to Me, Dui Wo Er Yan Wei Xian De Ta, 對我而言危險的他
  • Genres: Mystery, Romance, Drama
  • Aired: Jan 13, 2023
  • Original Network: iQiyi
  • Duration: 45 min.
  • Episodes: 24


  • Li Mo Zhi as Shen Manning
  • Fan Zhi Xin as Yan Xingcheng
  • Li Yi Zhen as Tang Lin
  • Chang Zhe Kuan as Lin Mufan
  • Li Xin Ran as Rao Meina
  • Wang Xu Dong as Fan Xiang
  • Qiu Ding Jie as Yuan Shu’ai
  • Li Zhi Fan as Zhuang Jiakai
  • Zeng Yun Zhen as Zhuang Caixuan
  • Liang Guo Rong as Zhuang Chengan
  • Zhu Wei Ling as Zhuang Mei Xuan
  • Li Bin as Lin Guangyi
  • Sun Hua Ying as Rao Huixin
  • Kang Zheng Tao as Tang Qi
  • Xu Hai Wei as Yan Li
  • Wang Ye as Da Yang
  • Shi Xu Ci as Secretary Qiao
  • He Chu Qing as Zhuang Cai Xuan [Young]

The show’s strong storytelling, supported by a talented cast, ensures that it stands out in a crowded field of dramas. With its mix of intrigue, emotion, and mystique, “My Lethal Man” is well worth a watch for those interested in contemporary Chinese storytelling.

Themes and Symbolism:

“My Lethal Man” explores several profound themes, such as:

  1. Identity and Duality: The story hinges on the concept of doppelgangers, which symbolizes more than just a physical resemblance. It questions the nature of identity, self-discovery, and the masks that people wear.
  2. Revenge and Redemption: Yan Xingcheng’s mission to unravel a 17-year-old accident and to reclaim what rightfully belongs to him illustrates themes of revenge and redemption, an integral part of the complex human experience.
  3. Corporate Intrigue and Power Struggle: The business aspect provides a thrilling backdrop for power play, betrayal, and corporate machinations. It underscores the challenges of leadership and the often ruthless nature of the business world.

Character Analysis:

  1. Shen Manning (Li Mo Zhi): Shen’s character evolves from a naive young woman caught in an unforeseen situation to a strong and determined individual. Her transformation is engaging and lends depth to the storyline.
  2. Yan Xingcheng (Fan Zhi Xin): Portrayed with a sense of enigma, Yan’s character unfolds with complexity. His motives, strength, and occasional vulnerabilities make him a compelling figure within the drama.

Direction and Cinematography:

Chu De Jian’s direction is commendable for blending suspense, romance, and drama seamlessly. The visual aesthetics, including the use of lighting, framing, and locations, add to the immersive experience.

Music and Soundtrack:

The music score and soundtrack of “My Lethal Man” are fitting and elevate the emotional resonance of key scenes. Whether in tender romantic moments or high-stake confrontations, the music plays a pivotal role.

Audience Reception:

The series has garnered attention across various platforms, including Instagram and YouTube, indicating a growing fan base. While some viewers may initially find the plot confusing, a comprehensive viewing reveals an engaging and accessible narrative.

Challenges and Criticisms:

While “My Lethal Man” shines in many areas, it’s not without its flaws. Some plotlines may feel clichéd, and the resolution of certain story arcs could leave viewers wanting more depth or originality.

Final Verdict:

“My Lethal Man” is an ambitious and largely successful venture into a modern drama with traditional mythological underpinnings. It provides an exhilarating ride, filled with twists, romance, and mysteries that unfold in satisfying ways.

With a strong cast, engaging story, and polished production, it’s a worthwhile addition to the contemporary Chinese drama landscape. Despite minor shortcomings, it stands as a testament to the creativity and storytelling prowess of Chinese cinema.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars.

Whether you are a connoisseur of Asian dramas or a newcomer, “My Lethal Man” offers something for everyone. Its 24-episode run on iQiyi has made it accessible to a global audience, ensuring that its tale of love, deception, and redemption can be enjoyed by many. Its impact on the genre and resonance with viewers mark it as a standout series that’s not to be missed.